About us: Why Stroke Association Spain? Our Aims

Living in Spain we do not have the benefit of English speaking stroke support teams as there are in some parts of the UK which provide after care for stroke victims and their carers. I think most of us feel that the primary care and physiotherapy provided by the Spanish National Health Service is good but afterwards we can feel isolated. Therefore we need to aim at creating our own self help support group, but very much using the knowledge of the Stroke Association in the UK and using as many books and leaflets that are produced on the subject of stroke that we can obtain.

In this area of Spain which is well populated by English speaking residents there is developing a good network of professional expertise in the wide area of stroke cause and care.  We hope to be able to bring together some of these professionals at our group meetings to help us to have more insight and understanding of the stroke. 

However perhaps those who have the most understanding and knowledge of the emotional impact of the stroke experience and the precipitous change in lifestyle are ourselves.  I am sure we can each benefit from sharing these experiences in a positive and helpful way and how as individually we manage here in Spain.  At the same time we also need to have the opportunity to share our sadness and anxieties so we know we are not alone in this plight.  We hope we can exchange information about any financial or care help that is available, and any aids or adaptations we find helpful.  How we manage doctor or hospital visits and how we resolve transport and language problems can be explored.

There is a big advantage in living in Spain as we know and that is of course the weather, and hopefully with it a “feel good” factor.  It does mean that we can, as part of our group activities arrange some fairly simple visits out during most of the year such as walks along the various sea fronts or in parks or where to go for a lunch out.  We can exchange information about suitable hot water pools for exercise or well equipped hotels for short breaks.  Sometimes simple pleasures are very stress releasing.  Welcome all.