Advice and Support in Spain – Senior Assistance : Social and Sanitary Assistance at Home

Avenida de las Naciones, 18A Ciudad Quesada, 03170, Rojales. Tel. 902 001 822. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or phone Bella on 96 572 5518 (English-speaking))

Senior Assistance is a new private company set up in 2009 to provide a complete health-care and domiciliary service for senior citizens and disabled people who need assistance and special care in and outside the home. The company states that their services are based on improving the quality of life as follows:

  • Sanitary Services - Medical supervision and check-ups. Nursing assistance: injections, administration of medication, dextrose, blood pressure etc.
  • Essentials - Personal mobility including requirements for going to bed and arising. Assistance for bathing or taking a shower. Postural changes. Rehabilitation exercises.
  • Social - Assistance in daily matters. Walks, lecture. Conversation, games.
  • Domestic - Cleaning and attention of the house. Laundry. Cooking. Shopping.
  • Specialized Services - Physiotherapy. Chiropody. Hairdressers and cosmetics. Chiromassage.
  • Techniques - Administration. Rehabilitation in and outside the house. Adapted furniture and appliances. Adapted transport. Gardening.
  • Structural - Professional administration and management of residential homes. Day care centers.
  • Tele-Assistance - Permanent tele assistance. Bio-medics.
  • Commercials - Specialized shops for orthopaedic products. Clients Loyalty-cards. Programme of collecting exchangeable points for gifts.

They offer a team of qualified and professional employees who can give an individual programme for prevention and rehabilitation as above in the home.

It is hoped that the Stroke Support Group could benefit from Senior Assistance as an initial intervention and assessment for some stroke sufferers on their discharge home from hospital. We do not necessarily see this service as a replacement for the National Health Service for those people over 65 who are resident in Spain and have a full SIP eligibility. Rather it is hoped that SA could provide an initial assessment of need and possibly before the Heath Service, or other domiciliary service, could be activated – i.e. sometimes members have had to wait for rehabilitation appointments and transport to start.

Senior Assistance may well be valuable for those who are under 65 years and do not qualify for Spanish National Health Service, or do not have private insurance cover.

Senior Assistance I understand works in conjunction with the Spanish Health Service and where appropriate will help the family or individual make referral to the Social Services Department or Heath Service for financial or medical services and resources.

Senior Assistance state they would give a free assessment of need and quote the costs for a period of treatment or other assistance which would be based on need and can be short or long term. We hope that S.A. may prove a valuable help in our aims to support and assist stroke sufferers and their carers.

Louie Killeen - SSG - Jan. 2010.